Shoebox money collections? Last-minute event changes? Overdue payments from parents?

We've got you. Wshingwell solves these headaches for school experience management, and more.

Finally, a better way to run your school experiences

Skip the manual work

Invitations, communications, and payments: we’ve made it easy for you to fundraise securely in one place, and do it with transparency.

Say goodbye to your paper check payments, overflowing inboxes and noisy Facebook groups!

Get a pulse on your community

When your organization moves on to Wshingwell, you won’t ever miss another experience again.

View and manage experiences at the school community, as well as from the individual host levels. It’s easy.

Exceptional, made easy

Use our inspirational templates and get a head start on your next
memorable experience.

It’s so easy, the next host might even be someone outside the regular handful of parents! 😉

The Wshingwell Concept

Reimagine how money is raised in an experience.

Proceeds always go to your Wshingwell – the school, cause, person or organization you are supporting – and you can dedicate a portion to recouping the cost of running the experience itself.

Sign your school up, or host your first experience now

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