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Celebrate community, with purpose!

A platform for thoughtful, monetary giving.


Wshingwell is the platform for thoughtful monetary giving with people in your community.

Host or attend exceptional experiences on Wshingwell. Simply pay to attend!

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Give money to someone through the experiences that they host.

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All transactions get split between the host recouping out of pocket experience costs, and a Wshingwell: an initiative the host wants to support.

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At least 10% of every transaction goes to the host’s Wshingwell.

The Wshingwell Concept

Reimagine how money is raised through a hosted community experience.

Proceeds always go to your Wshingwell – a cause, person, or organization you are supporting – and you can dedicate a portion to recouping the cost of running the experience itself.

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Learn more about hosting an experience on Wshingwell

Contact us at or (416) 270-9240 to learn more.

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